STCW Courses for Cruise Ships

STCW Courses for Cruise Ships

  1. ersonal Survival Techniques (PST): This course provides essential knowledge and practical skills to ensure the safety of crew members in emergency situations at sea. Participants will learn how to properly use life-saving appliances, don life jackets, and practice survival techniques in various scenarios, including abandoning ship and using life rafts.
  2. Fire Prevention and Firefighting (FPFF): The FPFF course equips cruise ship crew with the necessary skills to prevent, contain, and extinguish fires effectively. Participants will gain an understanding of fire chemistry, different types of fire extinguishing agents, and firefighting techniques. Practical training includes handling firefighting equipment and conducting fire drills.
  3. Elementary First Aid (EFA): This course teaches basic first aid techniques that are crucial for providing immediate assistance to injured or ill individuals on board a cruise ship. Participants will learn how to assess and treat common injuries, burns, and medical emergencies until professional medical help is available.
  4. Personal Safety and Social Responsibilities (PSSR): PSSR is designed to raise awareness about personal safety and social responsibilities among cruise ship crew members. It covers topics such as onboard safety procedures, shipboard communication, and understanding the importance of teamwork and cooperation in maintaining a safe working environment.
  5. Security Training for Personnel with Designated Security Duties (STDSD): This course is intended for personnel who have been assigned specific security duties on cruise ships. Participants will learn how to carry out security-related tasks, conduct security searches, and handle security-related equipment effectively to prevent security breaches.
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